Shipping & Delivery Policy

of khareedo shoes

Orders are packed only on regular basis (Monday to Friday), with the exception of the following holidays. All orders will be processed Next working Day. If an item is not available in stock at the time. We will inform you via Whatsapp or Email.

  • How will you deliver my order?
    Your order will be delivered to you through a Registered Courier Service at the address you have mentioned as ship to address in your order. Incase of cash-on delivery order, the courier will collect the money in cash from you when he delivers the order.
  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    Your order will usually reach your doorstep between 3 to 5 working days from the date of order placed. However, the delivery can take up to 9 working days during holiday season or our mega sales events.
  • Can I open Cash on Delivery Package without making the payment to the Courier first?
    You can’t open the package without making the payment to the courier. However, you will always have an option of exchange in case the delivered product not found up-to your expectations.
    Return & Exchange policy :


  • What payment options do I have?
    Cash on Delivery (available nationwide), the courier will collect the money in cash from you when he delivers the order.
  • What amount will you refund me?
    Items purchased from sales and promotions are not eligible for refund/exchange. Once sale starts the final price at the sale will be the final price for exchange No cash refunds, only online store coupons available for out of stock items (in case of return).
  • Do you offer international deliveries?
    No, we do not offer international deliveries and shipments as of now.
  • What are your helpline hours?
    We are available for calls on our helpline between 11AM-8PM, Monday till Friday.
    Contact us: +92 341-7710573

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      Instagram    : @khareedoshoes

  • What if your helplines are not working?
    When all our customer service lines are busy or not working,
  • You can WhatsApp us on 0341-7701573
  • You can email us at